There is a common misunderstanding of the meaning of the word ‘bespoke’.

Many people, looking for something truly special and unique, buy a product or service that fails to deliver on all their requirements and expectations.

‘Bespoke’ means anything that has been produced to order, with some input from the customer. It may come as a surprise, but ‘bespoke’ can be classed as simply choosing your handles or finishes when you place your order.

‘Tailor made’ on the other hand, is when a product or unit is made to your exacting specification.

Before committing to buy a product that you believe to be custom made, it’s always best to determine what the supplier actually means by ‘bespoke’.

This might now sound quite confusing, so try to think of it in terms of kitchen cupboards. Most units are set widths and depths. The bespoke tailoring of pre-existing ‘off the shelf’ kitchen units will be likely to limit you to certain sizes, finishes and accessories. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the furniture is of a poor quality; it simply means that to reach a certain price point, a degree of standardisation has been introduced.

But beware! Even if you are looking to purchase a well known ‘trophy’ furniture brand, you may find yourself paying a hefty premium for what is little more than a ‘glamorised’ and somewhat restrictive range of units.

To be truly ‘tailor made’, the service offered should go much further to ensure that your exact tastes and requirements are achieved, with a much higher degree of flexibility.

Such a service is particularly relevant when working with period properties, which often feature more unusual floor plans or architectural features.

At Steve Hills Design, ‘tailor made’ is our speciality. With the ability to match a specific paint shade or to work with natural timbers and veneers to complement the original wooden features is something we pride ourselves on.

High grade material specifications, such as distinguished veneered timber cabinets, or in-line units, where the doors are fitted within a frame using recessed butt hinges, coupled with solid timber dovetailed internal drawers are just a few of the hallmarks of Steve Hills Design.

With over thirty years experience and a portfolio to match, we will create the kitchen of your dreams.