‘Raised and fielded’ refers to a door style, be it for a bathroom, kitchen, study or bedroom, or even an internal or external door.

This classical door design was made popular by the Georgians and Victorians and is often made as five piece door. The outside frame, made up of a top and bottom are referred to as rails, and two side pieces, known as stiles hold the centre panel, or field in place. It is this centre panel, that slopes up or is ‘raised’ from its outer edges, which gives rise to the term ‘raised and fielded.’

Steve Hills Design offers a tailor made service where doors, such as ‘raised and fielded’ or ‘Shaker’ are still made using this traditional cabinet making method. As with the cabinetry, this hand made service allows ‘raised and fielded’ and ‘Shaker’ doors to be produced to any dimension – even extreme curves are possible!


Our custom made service is extremely competitive and strikes the optimum balance between traditional cabinet making methods and cost, to ensure that you achieve the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or study of your dreams.

And for the keener budget, Steve Hills Design works closely with high quality brands that employ more modern manufacturing techniques, to enable the look of a five piece door to be emulated using a single piece of material. This has in turn brought the overall cost of production and assembly down significantly, so that a similar look can be achieved at a much lower price point.

Whatever your budget, here at Steve hills Design, one thing is guaranteed…. you won’t be disappointed in employing the services of Steve Hills Design for your new kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or study.