We are constantly told that the kitchen living space is now the centre and social hub of the home – and indeed it is.

As you browse through the glossy home interest magazines and view kitchen imagery on Pinterest and other social media platforms, you will see some simply stunning kitchen creations, many of a considerable size, but so often, despite integrated breakfast bars and dining areas, the number of physical seats available seems so limited.

What could possibly be worse than having spent a small fortune on your new ‘social hub’ kitchen space than not having enough seating? Having to borrow an old chair or a mismatched stool from the study or random seating from out of the garage to ensure everyone can sit in comfort for special events such as Christmas and Birthdays? The stunning kitchen suddenly looses its cohesive looks and all for the sake of better initial kitchen planning.

At Steve Hills Design, we go to great lengths to find out everything we possibly can about our customers lifestyles – what you like to cook, how you intend to use your kitchen space, as well as how many people at any one time could be using the it? We know that by establishing the answers to these key fundamental questions will ensure that your kitchen will never let you down!

We will work with you to produce a kitchen design that when certain occasions demand, you are not left needing extra seating. To achieve this, it might be that a design encompasses an island unit with a breakfast bar, adjacent to an integrated dining area, a dining table zone, or perhaps even both. One thing is for sure, your kitchen will be beautifully designed with ample seating and storage that works for you and your family for years to come.

That’s the simple beauty of Steve Hills Design. With many years of design expertise and bespoke flexibility, we will ensure that whatever we design will be perfect for your needs whilst at the same time look truly wonderful.