Over recent years we have seen the rapid advancement of technology and how this has infiltrated our lives and our homes; the kitchen is no exception. You will be amazed at what a smart kitchen has to offer and will soon be rushing to upgrade to these ‘must have’ appliances. What makes these devices so appealing is the freedom it can bring to our lives – no more ‘chained to the kitchen sink’ mentality. With internet-connected devices you can connect to your appliances remotely allowing you to turn the cooker on, check what’s in the fridge or even to put the washer on. Now the panic of running late will be a distant memory replaced by a calm collected human gracing through the front door. 

If technology is something of an alien concept to you, then it’s a good idea to research what is available, taking time to consider how easy the device is to use. Choosing a device to fit your lifestyle is essential, as is making sure you read the manual. It may sound obvious but how many of us have wholeheartedly tried to set something up without looking at the instructions. Take the time to read the manual so that you reap all the perks available and not just some! 

So what’s so special about a smart kitchen? Instantly, our minds go back to a time of laborious hand operated washing machines when comparing my so-called modern kitchen with the impressive new generation of smart kitchens. Today a smart washer and dryer will begin its wash cycle the moment you access the app on your phone. You can schedule cycles to start at a time which suits you best, allowing you to take advantage of the most efficient times in the day – when we are often not in the house or asleep. You will receive laundry alerts, and useful information about maintenance. 

The energy efficient smart fridge includes sensors and cameras which keep track of your food or what you’ve got in. Voice or phone commands ensure that you are never without a key ingredient and nothing is wasted as it allows you to keep a log of your food. You can even look into your fridge while at the supermarket to check if you’ve already got something in or not. And then there’s the smart oven, the pierce de resistance! You can literally have your cake and eat it. Cooking a home cooked meal is possible with a busy life. You can monitor your cooking remotely, adjust cooking temperatures and duration all through voice control. 

To summarise, presuming you have a phone and you want to capitalise on the ‘minimum effort and maximum satisfaction’ scenario, then you will not be disappointed when you opt for a smart kitchen. All we need now is a smart appliance to put the shopping away and cook our food, but that’s for another day…