Have you ever wondered why you spend so much effort decorating the living room only to find that everyone eventually ends up gravitating to the kitchen. Maybe this year it is time to give your beloved kitchen a little sparkly Christmas magic too. All it requires is a few simple touches and you will soon be hosting in a space that you will be proud to entertain in throughout the festive season.

However, with so much choice available it can be difficult to navigate a personal style and one that suits your kitchen. Before you know it, your tasteful ideas could soon end up looking like a scene from a Santa’s grotto! Before rushing into anything, I would advise looking at the various Christmas trends; are you drawn to a particular theme? For example, Scandinavian, rustic, minimalist or traditional. Make a decision and stick to it – this is often more difficult than it seems with so many tempting alternatives calling out your name. Stay strong! Once this difficult decision has been made it will only take a few key pieces to transform your room.

It is worthwhile contemplating the logistics of your room and in particular how much space you have to play with. A smaller space will just require a little bit more thought. If space is limited, it would be wise not to over fuss with the decorations as this could make the room appear smaller. A Christmas themed table cloth with a thoughtful centrepiece can do wonders to bring the Christmas spirit into your kitchen. Depending on the size of your table you could create a focal point using evergreen, pinecones and holly. Alternatively, if space is an issue try filling a decorative jar or vase with pine cones or candy canes and finishing it off with a Christmas ribbon for some added festive colour. There are a wide variety of Christmas candles on the market which will not only look beautiful on your table but stimulate your senses too and nothing depicts Christmas more than a beautiful Christmas scent.

A garland draped above the cabinets or a wreath carefully hung will look stunning especially with some twinkly lights entwined. You could also string lights between your cabinets and ceiling or even around the kitchen island for an ambient glow. For an easy festive fix give your usual kitchen cushions a face lift by dressing them in festive cushion covers – these can be anything from a pop of Christmas colour to a full on Christmas scene.

Finally, if you have space on your kitchen side amongst the turkey, sprouts and advocate, you could have a little fun creating a hot chocolate bar. This could be as simple as filling a festive tray with some mugs, jars of cocoa and marshmallows accompanied by a tiered tray filled with all of your favourite treats.

If after all this you are still in a quandary do not worry. It is my opinion that there are no rules when it comes to Christmas. Have fun and go with what makes you happy, besides everything will look beautiful after a few sherries and snowballs anyway!