An island unit undeniably looks fabulous in a kitchen but all too often space is an issue… Whilst many people aspire to having an island unit, in reality the area required to house one has to take into account not only the overall size of the island but the space required to walk around it.

The benefits of an island are many. As well as adding additional storage and extra worksurfaces to providing a breakfast bar and a home for additional appliances, there is no denying the usefulness of an island. The question is, should services and budget allow, how do you know if you have enough space?

As a rule of thumb, you need approximately 1 metre (3 feet in old money) between the sides of an island and any facing base cabinets. This space is required to enable you to not only manoeuvre around the kitchen with ease, but also to allow you to fully open all cabinets and drawer boxes, so that in theory you could have a cupboard door open on the island and also on a facing base unit.

You will need to consider that to fully open a dishwasher door takes a considerable amount of space and you don’t want the island to impede access. Similarly, you don’t want to be asking people to move, who were happily seated at the island unit, because you simply can’t open the cabinet opposite!

If space is restricted, it might be that a small, mobile island can be incorporated into your design – one that can simply be wheeled out of the way when the occasion demands. Equally a peninsular return can achieve a similar look to an island unit, but in reality takes up less space.

Alternatively a bespoke cabinet option, designed and created to fit a specific shape is an option. That’s the beauty of Steve Hills Design and their tailor made solutions.

It’s just one of the reasons the majority of our work is from customer recommendations. We take the time to understand and achieve your dream kitchen. At Steve Hills Design we continue to exceed customer expectations and can make the seemingly impossible – possible!