As with so many things in our daily lives such as items of clothing, accessories and interior styles, there are certain designs that never seem to disappear. We often refer to them as timeless classics – designs that have truly stood the test of time.

There might be small, subtle details that evolve and change from time to time to encourage fresh appeal, but apart from that, the initial concept remains largely intact.

The classic boot cut jeans; the divers chronometer wrist watch and the Landrover are all perfect examples of timeless classics.

Such examples within the kitchen industry are the AGA and of course the British in-frame, painted kitchen.

Bold fashion statements, from our mainland European cousins, in exciting finishes seem to come and go; as impressive as they might initially appear, they soon date. However, the classical, painted, in-frame kitchen remains timeless, whether it utilises a simple Shaker, raised and fielded or slab door design. A custom made example from Steve Hills Design is very much a long term, practical investment for precisely this reason.

With a Steve Hills, in-frame painted commission, you’re buying into the skills of the traditional cabinet maker – giving you the construction qualities that will see the furniture outlast its modern counterparts, quite literally by generations.

In years to come, you can simply update your kitchen by changing the colour shade of the furniture, as well as changing the accessories such as worktops and handles to reflect current trends, styles and tastes. The furniture itself, the main expense of any new kitchen, with its sturdy cabinetry and timber  – dovetail jointed drawer boxes, will be as good as the day it left the workshop.

The painted in-frame kitchen is very much a blank canvas on which to create any look or style you choose. Accessorise with a butlers sink, waterfall edged granite, classical taps and handles, and create a traditional town house kitchen or one with a country feel.

Alternatively, select a plain profile, engineered stone for your worktops, in an exciting finish and combine with stainless steel accessories, modern, sculptured tap designs and a vibrant paint shade to create the epitome of chic modern living.

There simply isn’t any other kitchen furniture available that offers you the same levels of versatility and longevity as bespoke manufactured does.

A painted, in-frame kitchen is a British classic that’s very much here to stay.