Steve Hills Design Ltd offers you the rare opportunity of a supplier that can work with you to create a cohesive furniture design flow for an entire property.

With almost three decades of experience in interior design, Steve Hills Design Ltd can cater for each and every room in your home, thus enabling you total continuity of all your fitted furniture requirements throughout your whole home.

The benefits of such a capability are many. Besides convenience, you can be certain of consistent levels of service and quality as well as the ability to create a ‘design flow.’

All too often, many interiors of new or newly refurbished homes simply don’t work as well as they perhaps could.

This is because the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home study and library furniture solutions have all come from different suppliers. For both discerning homeowners and design professionals alike, Steve Hills Design Ltd offers the flexibility and convenience of a ‘one stop shop’.

Think of it like a carpet – most of us would choose to have the same carpet running throughout each room in our home and the same goes for furniture!

At Steve Hills Design Ltds, there are no ‘off the shelf’ furniture solutions; each room is designed to cater specifically for the individual needs and requirements of the homeowner, with high quality design and specification being the common linking element.

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bedroom or bathroom
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