Steve Hills Design Ltd offers a ‘full project management service’.

From the initial design stage through to completion, Steve Hills Design Ltd takes great pride and attention in overseeing and the co-ordination of all necessary trades.

What blights many interior refurbishment projects, and especially kitchens, is the lack of co-ordination between the furniture installers, the builders, plumbers, electricians and indeed any other trades that might be involved.

Yes, the furniture supplier might have done a site survey and a quick measure up, but just how accurate are their plans and how adept are the other tradespersons in following those plans – all of whom are from different companies and may have never worked together previously.

Steve Hills Design Ltd full project management service gives you total piece of mind.

Consider this… a plug socket in the wrong position by as little as 20 mm might prevent a kitchen unit from being able to be installed until it is re-fitted! Not only does this then delay the granite worktops from being template, but your freshly plastered wall now has to be patched in! Worst still, consider the implications in terms of both time and cost if an under floor water supply for an island is in the wrong place and the mistake is only realised when the installers come to fit the furniture? This might ultimately necessitate in your beautiful, newly laid floor having, to be dug up!

Horror stories such as these are all too common, often resulting in a standoff between arguing trades as to who is responsible for the additional rectification costs – and with the poor customer often stuck in the middle!

A full project management service might initially be seen to cost a little more. However, given the complexity of many interior projects, this service ensures that both budget and time schedule are strictly adhered to and that the end result is utterly perfect without any compromise. When you consider this and the potential stress and unforeseen costs such a service can save you, Steve Hills Design Ltd full project management service gives you total piece of mind.

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